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Shakespeare in the Orchard: A Midsummer Night's Dream

When John Carroll arrived at Packer Corners to stay, and when he told us, "We are spirits of another sort," and that we would do a gorgeous live Shakespeare play in our front yard and up the hill, I grumbled.

All I could think of was the interruption to farm work that this commitment would entail. Could I have been more wrong? My reluctant role as Titania's chief fairy set me on a 40 year journey I'm still on, doing Shakespeare plays and fizzical theatre with young people all over Vermont.

So happy to think of Zoe Guttenplan and me producing and directing a "Get Thee to the Funnery" style 50th-Farm-Anniversary "Midsummer," complete with traveling audiences, Fenwick sculptures, and actors and musicians old and young, veterans and newbies. It's the MAC mission brought to flight on Shakespearean wings!

---Peter Gould

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Book Launch: Horse Drawn Yogurt, by Peter Gould

"As a writer, physical comedian, theatre director, and professor of peace and coexistence, Peter Gould has been a role model and a stellar cultural worker, far beyond Total Loss Farm, the commune where young Peter came in from the cold. In HORSE DRAWN YOGURT, Peter offers his take on how we lived in times that seem exotic, yet oddly familiar. His writing is eloquent, whimsical, magical, musical, and tender."


The book launch is also a pot luck meal and author reading, and all are invited to bring a dish to share. 

HORSE DRAWN YOGURT is the newest publication of Green Writers Press. "It's kind of a sequel to BURNT TOAST and HOME COMFORT," says Peter. 

RSVP to Verandahporche @ gmail . com. 

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